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  In her lines and her colors we feel the uncontaminated fascination of our earth with music and harmony.     Ruan Zhien Ming,  Peking 1999
Determined student, a striking personality, an acute fantasy and a sense of color that astonishes…     Renzo Biason 1971

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Loredana Salvadori… delicate presence in a contemporary scene impoverished by dullness, easy opportunism and commonplace wretchedness… an artist dedicated to essence… her compositions… reality interiorized… like a universe of values that has escaped from the moral undoing of this modern age…     Giovanni Faccenda  May, 2000

… a mastery of colors and an intertwining of lines and superimposition of great expressiveness and fascination… her fantastic vision of forms seizes and transmits the mystery of the diversity of the forms, and even indicates the artist’s intense spiritual journey.      Luciano Giovannetti, Bishop of Fiesole    January, 2000

…we listen to her paintings like music… colors…colors…colors like notes on a musical staff that runs from the earth and flies to the sky versus creation…. Marzio Bonferroni    1982

…talent evident in the world of colors….  Tommaso Paloscia,  “la Nazione” 1984

… a fascinating journey into the unknown, to the roots of creativity… a world reconstructed, a sensitive mirror of passionate landslides and soul earthquakes that come from the deep…    Michele Loffredo   October, 2000

 …the logic of artists is not that of cold reason but that of emotionality of the heart…fantasy interprets these emotions and translates them into images…   Lorenzo Righi, poet   1990

 …admiring her painting we become overwhelmed by a dance- now slow, now whirling- until we are swept away by the rhythm  and lose ourselves in vertiginous flights that go beyond the limits of time…   Lorenzo Righi, poet 1994



"I collect my paintings..
 I do not love selling them.."


It is true that WALKING...LIVING...WALKING reveals the world, and the artist who walks with sensitivity can
be amazed as he realizes that distances can cancel themselves and that even a smile can be communication.
I am about to reach a far away country. Even I, who has never visted or seen the world because life has permitted me to travel only within myself, visiting
many suns and many stars. So says the astronomer interrogated by Kalil Gibran, and I too express myself in this manner..

December 10, 2000 


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"Art is a language listened to with the eyes"

"Inevitable consequences of a faithful union..   I repeat     I do not love selling my paintings it happens very rarely,  I decided to begin reproducing them in limited edition lithographic prints. 10 of them have already been reproduced. You will recognize them by their numbering.

 …when I paint I become aware of the fecundity of  my mind… the desire to invent new rules and astonish myself successively by discovering the meaning more or less associated to a physical or mental reality that belongs to my life is inevitable…

Inherent to the act of painting is, I feel, a mysterious connection between form and  color that is then fulfilled by an event in a totally natural manner…

Color is the voice of my soul…through color the artist succeeds in making himself heard…silence please!… It is not necessary to inquire… Too many words hurt art!  Leave behind the arduous opinion!  It is time that can give value, explanation, knowledge.  The artist is happy when he paints his paintings. To paint gratifies him.  The artist tells his emotions and gives birth to his art in joy and pain. Canvas or paper is his intimate residence.   I am very possessive of my residence…what happens while I paint is very involuntary. I surprise myself realizing that I often change the keys to the entrance.   I have heard at times it could be a symptom of missing artistic identity.  Instead I feel I am always very sincere with myself. It’s true that I am an artist free to express myself and how I feel from moment to moment like a feather that follows the dance of time… I sign and authenticate my paintings. I think this is sufficient.  I believe it is fundamental to maintain my freedom… and then anyway I believe that an artist always has a mode in which he can be recognized. 



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