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Loredana Salvadori



Loredana Salvadori was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on May 20, 1954. 
In 1971 she graduated from art school, and the continued her studies at the Academy  of Arts in Florence, Italy. Among her professors are the distinguished masters of art Renzo Biason and Marcello Tommasi.  She was soon invited to participate in numerous art shows both in Italy and abroad, confronting both criticism and the public with her work. The results obtained, the first prizes and the important recommendations open the way to her artistic journey.




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Fiesole Exibition - 2000

Career highlights

1978  Castiglione della Pescaia- first exhibition- artistic director M. Salvini.  
1979  Florence- personal- first publication of “Un piccolo seme” edition PanArte, a collection of paintings, poetry, and thoughts. Introduction by On. E. Speranza and Dr. M. Mancianti.  
1980  First prize for “Pasqua citta di Firenze”.  
1980  Collaboration with artists Renzo Brindisi and Alberto Fremura in a   graphic realization of a theatrical text by Enio Gea.  
1981  Prato- personal- “Sinfonia d’azzurro”.  
1981 Awarded the title of Professor Honoris Causa in the humanities discipline by the Interamerican University of Humanity Studies.  
1982 Florence- personal- second publication of “Tra il fascino della luce e   il miserio del buio” introduction by Dr. Marzio Bon Ferroni.
1984  Florence- personal- third publication of “Ascoltandano la voce” edition Giorgi and Gambi Fi, introduction by P. Agostino Bartolini. Newspaper coverage for “la Nazione” of Florence by T. Paloscia.  
1990 Florence – personal- “Il dono che viene da te”. Introduction by poet and writer Mons. Lorenzo Righi. Newspaper coverage for “la Nazione” by T. Paloscia.  
1991 Florence- personal-  “Omaggio a Firenze”.  
1992 Florence- personal-  “Castello di Volognano”, Rignano sull’Arno.  
1994 Florence- personal-  “Preludi e Fughe”, community of Rufina, introduction by Mons. Lorenzo Righi and Mons. Gastone Simone,   Bishop of Prato.  
1996   Florence- personal- “La pittura come Emozione”  community of Pelago.  Poetry and musical concert by Maestro Luciano Manara.  
1998 May- October- personal- “Giubbe Rosse”. Art director Fiorenzo Smalzi. Newspaper coverage for “la Nazione” Florence by L. Bartoletti.  
1998 Display of paintings for six months in the historic landmark Guibbe Rosse, Florence. Exhibit curator Fiorenzo Smalzi.  
1998 Prato-Milan- Asta Farsetti. Contemporary modern art.  
1998-1999 Inclusion in the Casa d’Aste Farsetti catalogues.  
1999 Prato-Milan- Asta Farsetti. Contemporary modern art.  
1999  Prato- personal. “Le storie di Mamy”.  

Florence. Citation of artist in the book “Accade in Toscana” number  3, “L’Arte visiva dai primi anni 70 alle ore antelucana del III milenio”. T. Paloscia, edition Polistampa, Florence.

2000    Fiesole- personal. Lithograph collection “Camminando … Vivendo…Camminando…unonovenovenove2000”.  Introduction by Mon.  Luciano Giovannetti, Bishop of Fiesole.  
Presentation of the lithographic print collection by Luciano Giovannetti, Bishop of Fiesole.  
Inauguration of an important exhibition in Fiesole.  Presentation by art critic Giovanni Faccenda.  
Art critic Michele Loffredo began documentation for the writing of the latest biography of the artist. 
Loredana Salvadori's visit to Cina, following up the invitation of the Art Academy of Dalian 
Asta Pananti - FLORENCE
"Laurea ad Honorem" from the Academy of DALIAN, Cina.
The artist visits  LUXUN Academy of Shenyang.
2002 November
Villa PITIANA Florence, Italy. "THE DANC|ING COLORS", performance between dance, painting and poetry, devised and represented from Loredana Salvadori and Qin Lμ.
Presentation of 10 Papers-Prints of the last
art collection "The garden of the Emperor".
Book review by Woodu Amine


2003 June
Inauguration "Banca della Rete" Florence. Presentation of collection of prints and two original paintings of the collection "Il tornio del Cielo, 2000-2001

2003 November

 Exposure of 6 Papers/Prints, ART FAIR of PADOVA 2003


From  September 2004 The Papers/Prints are permanently presented to the Gallery FAUSTINI, Firenze - Forte dei Marmi.i

2005 July  

CHINA. Visit to the students of the Academy of Art of Dalian.  Pekino- encounter with Duan Jia.

"TUSCANY TODAY":  October 1rst, 2005 -  Interview S. Pitossi.

2005,   November 25th

Florence - Rignano sull’Arno
Performance between poetry and dance with the participation of Qing Lì.
Homage to Alfonso Ferroni Maria. Chinese bishop.


2006 January 29th
Pieve di S. Leolino Rignano sull'Arno- ( Firenze) - italy
Poetry and Music event, promoted by "Carro di Anfrante" - Special guests Loredana Salvadori and Qing Li'
June 13th

Valombrosa Award
Rotary Club Florence-Valdisieve

18- 26
 exhibition of eight 1998's paintings,   at the Sala Multimediale della Libreria Comunale, in Reggello, Florence



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